Bluewater pH Increase

Active ingredient: Dense Soda Ash

Bluewater pH Increase is a soda ash product used to increase pH in swimming pools and correct high acidity. Too low a pH can result in corrosion of metal, etching or staining of plaster, and eye, ear, nose or throat irritation. The ideal pH for pool water is between 7.2 and 7.8. Correct pH is an essential part of correct water balance.

Bluewater pH Increase may be used with the Baquacil and Bluewater sanitiser range.

Bluewater pH Increase – 2KG

Bluewater pH Increase – 25KG

Hydrochloric Acid

Bluewater Hydrochloric Acid is used to lower the pH in swimming pools and correct high alkalinity. Very high pH can cause cloudy water, scale formation, eye irritation and a slowing…

Bluewater Water Hardener

Bluewater Water Hardener is a calcium chloride product and is used to increase water hardness in swimming pools. It is used with both Baquacil and Bluewater sanitisers.