Bluewater pH Buffer

Active ingredient: Sodium Bicarbonate

Bluewater pH Buffer is a sodium bicarbonate product used to raise of pH buffer level in swimming pools. pH buffer level, sometimes known as total alkalinity, is a measure of the carbonates, bicarbonates and alkaline chemicals dissolved in water.

Too low a level leads to corrosion and staining and can result in rapid fluctuations in pH. To high a level is less common, and less serious. It makes it more difficult to alter pH, and it can cause cloudiness and scaling, and irritation to swimmers’ eyes. If pH buffer level is too high, the pool water should be diluted.

The pH buffer level should be measured at the start of each swimming season and then monitored every month.

Bluewater pH Buffer – 2KG

Bluewater pH Buffer – 4KG

Bluewater pH Buffer – 10KG

Bluewater pH Buffer – 25KG

Hydrochloric Acid

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